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Artists are still managing to release innovative immersive music aiding us through another lockdown. Many artists have monetized on the time spent at home to finish projects and even collaborate with other artists (virtually of course!) February has seen some fantastic releases from established and debuting artists. Here is a round up of some of my favourites!

Ghetts- Conflict of Interest

Ghetts has released his major-label debut album Conflict of Interest, an emotional journey which delivers on all levels. This cinematic and emotive 16 track album meshes orchestral with grime and hip hop exceptionally, enveloping Ghetts poignant story telling. Ghetts, real name Justin Clark, recently signed to Warner and released his third studio album Conflict of Interest on 19th of February. The 36 year old singer debuted his first mixtape 16 years ago and has remained consistent in the grime and hip hop scene, growing a dedicated following. Conflict of Interest features Skepta, Giggs and Stormzy all contributing to the narrative.

Enny- Nu Normal

Enny released her debut single He’s Not Into You in 2020 and hasn’t slowed down since. Her following grew substantially after she performed Peng Black Girls with Jorja Smith for Colors youtube channel. The video has accumulated over 7 million views in just 2 months, an impressive feat for an artist who is just budding into the music industry. Peng Black Girls was my first introduction to South East Londoner Enny, I was immediately struck by her captivating lyrics and strong messages.

Now the 26 year old, who has been working with Collective Root 73, has just come out with her latest single Nu Normal with Baker Aaron, a Colors encore. Through Nu Normal Enny continues to demonstrate her versatility and lyrical brilliance.

Enny is definitely one to watch in 2021!

Biig Piig- Cuenta Lo

Biig Piig, real name Jess, has snowballed into the music industry with her songs Feel Rights and Perdida having attracted a colossal amount of attention. The artist has a bit for everyone, blending smooth RnB with disco to jazz, electronica and close ‘ASMR’ vocals. Biig Piig, who is signed to RCA Records, relaxed euphonious voice fits every song perfectly whilst illustrating her versatility and range. The irish singer songwriter who grew up in Spain and now resides in London, released Cuenta Lo in the middle of February. Exhibiting not only her fluency in Spanish but also her ability to transcend between genres delving further into a more electronic hemisphere whilst still giving her Biig Piig stamp. With over a million monthly streams on Spotify, Piig Biig is slowly building a loyal following and due to release her debut album soon!

WayWard- Ridge The Road

The London based duo are establishing themselves well within the electro dance scene working with Skrillex and Ninja Tunes producer Park Hye Jin. The pair had their video Back To The Old Days premiered by Boiler Room in December 2020, and have had multiple radio plays, including Lauren Laveryn on BBC 6. Wayward have just come out with another single Ridge The Road, a progressive, percussive and somewhat ethereal track. Emulating George Fitzgerald and Bonobo, Ridge The Road demonstrates Waywards more emotional approach to electro and dance. We will no doubt be seeing Wayward at Fieldday soon.

Nenny- Tequila

I first heard Tequila by Nenny, I was straight away transported to a sunny beach drinking desperados. The portugese rapper is only 18 years has already had exposure on Colors and over 10million streams on Spotify for her song. Tequila is her latest release and it doesn’t disappoint, Nenny’s vocal drives the song with the only backing from a simple guitar motif and drums during the verses. The singer songwriter demonstrates her ability to write catchy hooks alongside poignant lyrics covering topics of prejudice and racism.

Written by Bronwen Latham

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