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With the recent announcement that We Out Here Festival is back and rescheduled itself for 10th- 14th August 2023, we knew it was time to reflect on this years diverse, talented and uplifting summer festival to end the festival season of 2022.

Image: Omar Sultan (@omarssultan)

Giles Peterson’s renowned We Out Here Festival was back in its idyllic location with a bunch of new artist vocals, mellow movements and a handful of impactful stages. With some acts making only a second debut of the festival, you find yourself discovering new and old sounds that come under the Giles Peterson wide spread collective.

We are going to give you a run down on who we managed to catch at the festival, some new names and music...

Image: Omar Sultan (@omarssultan)


South London based Rapper and Performer Enny, drew in a big energy on the main stage of the festival's early Friday evening slot. After a busy couple of years, Enny was able to deliver her previous releases including the favourite ‘Peng Black Girls’ originally featuring Amia Brave, which was later remixed and featured by grammy award singer Jorja Smith.

With hype woman and DJ Monica on set alongside her, the two bounced off each other's energy, winning the crowd over with a high interaction and back and forth engagement stating throughout her set that she was ‘feeling the love’.

This set unveiled a bunch of stage mixes including samples featuring the likes of J Dilla, and an unreleased track which is looking to be released within the next year. Enny’s work has always shown to be very personal with many tracks relating to current cultural movement or even personal relationships with topics covering things such as your own self worth.

Enny’s energy on stage was unmatched and hyped us all up ready for the rest of the weekend with incredible live music ahead.

Image: Omar Sultan (@omarssultan)

Wayne Snow

Dressed in a multi-colour co-ord set and his statement docker hat and brown shades, Wayne Snow took the Lush Life stage a storm with his velvet vocals. This late afternoon set was the warmth you needed halfway through the festival weekend, with out-standing layered vocals, smooth synth accompaniment and soultronica sound Snow captured the audience.

Nigerian musical heritage and up-bringing the set showed a range of influences that were able to shine through a very colourful and impactful performance. With lots of the tracks having a drum and bass focus, he states that his role as a musician is to shape sounds and express his version of the future.

Image: Omar Sultan (@omarssultan)

Secret Night Gang

Image: Omar Sultan (@omarssultan)

Secret Night Gang is a Manchester based band of the new generation jazz movement. After returning to the festival from previous years this talented band bagged themselves a Saturday Main Stage slot. Delivering a jazz and funk collection of tracks from their recent self-titled album, ‘Secret Night Gang’ which was released under festival organiser Giles Peterson’s label Brownswood Records.

Led by soulful vocalist Kemani Anderson, the band performed an incredible show, with so much connection between each musician with continuous nodding and eye contact between each band member on stage. Festival coordination was definitely on point with this late afternoon vibe.


Dominic Canning better known as DoomCannon is a London based producer, pianist and composer. With work across many different artists including Steam Down, Celeste and Project Karnak, We Out Here was the right place for Canning to debut his solo performance and project under ‘DoomCannon’.

With the release of his 9 track album ‘Renaissance’ just weeks before the festival, Cannon played a selection of new tracks with a few earlier numbers. Cannon opened his set with a friendly and relaxing mood, feeling as if we just entered his personal space. The album focuses around personal experiences of the past four years, including the worldwide outcry of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Image: Omar Sultan (@omarssultan)

Eddie Chacon

From 90s based soul success duo Charles and Eddie, Eddie Chacon made his first UK debut and performance at the We Out Here Festival 2022, ending the last leg of his own five show tour.

After having a conversation with Eddie Chacon backstage he mentions the importance of forming a new era of his own personal music, revisiting the music industry with his new life experiences and creating music that shows the version of him today. This new sound includes a Neo-Soul mixed with a range of Pop and R&B flair. Previous solo releases include features from the likes of Nick Hakim and John Carroll Kirby.

Feeling a natural performer energy, Eddie Chacon led the main stage through a journey of new tracks. With We Out Here's natural appeal, you were able to have a very intimate and engaging performance. Stating the size of the festival as an “I can actually feel the energy of the people, we’re engaging with each other, there’s an interaction going on.”

With a new signing to Stones Throw Records, Chacon’s new genre of music comes with plans to release a new record called ‘Sun Down’.

Image: Omar Sultan (@omarssultan)

Words by Angharad Evans

Photography by Omar Sultan

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