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Top Jazz Acts For You To Listen To This Summer!

Summer is a great time to: meet old friends, have a BBQ or garden party, but is also a great time to listen to some good music. And I would like to introduce you to these jazz acts which can be the anthem to your summer, whether they are for the background for gatherings or for an ambient walk, that's for you to decide.

Mark Guiliana

Mark Guiliana and his Jazz Quartet are a group to listen and admire their talent. Guiliana has worked for many musicians, lending his impeccable drum skills for their songs, people such as Avishai Cohen, Donny McCaslin, and David Bowie. He later went on to start his own project, the Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet. He has released two albums with them, both brilliant quartet albums. I discovered this group when I was looking at acts who have played at Ronnie Scott's, and when I discovered them my next couple of hours were taken up by his music. A beautiful quartet to help sculpt your summer.

.Mark Guiliana's Socials - Insta - Facebook

Songs You Should Listen To, To Get A Feel For Giuliana's Work- .Jersey

Loyle Carner

Loyle Carner is a great mixture of British Rap and Jazz, and it is the perfect mixture. He was born in South London in 1994. His first gig was in Dublin supporting MF DOOM. He went on to support Nas at the O2 in London. In 2017 he released Yesterday's Gone, getting a lot of critical acclaim, even getting nominated for best album at the Mercury Prize Award Show. While researching for this blog post, I came across him and was immediately blown away, and immersed in the perfect mixture of rap and jazz. This album is the perfect overall album to listen to over the summer, good for any situation.

.Loyle Carner Socials-Insta-Facebook

Songs You Should Listen To, To Get A Feel Of Loyle Carner- .Damselfly

Jamie Leeming

Jamie Leeming is a British Guitarist, he creates ambient washes which can take over your mind. He has worked with the likes of Alfa Mist and Tom Misch. He has been titled ‘Best Jazz Musician Of The Month’ by the Guardian. He then released his critically acclaimed album ‘Resynthesis’ in 2022. I am a guitarist myself, so listening to him is such a treat, but he also is able to take you out from the music, giving you a perfect sense of happiness and enjoyment. This ambient dreamscape is a lovely piece of either background music for your gatherings or on a walk .

.Jamie Leeming Social-Insta-Facebook

Songs You Should Listen To, To Get A Feel Of Jamie Leeming- .Long Term Memory


Mornington, a great Jazz ensemble.

This impeccable Jazz group is a great listen for any occasion, watching the sun set, talking with friends, or just admiring the music. I was .This group has not got a known story about how they came to be because they are not that popular. I came across their music by accident, and what an accident it was. Their music is soothing and easy to listen to, but most of all, it is enjoyable.

Songs You Should Listen To, To Get A Feel For Mornington-.Watch What Happens

Ruby Rushton

If your ears desire something more in your face and full on, then look no further than Ruby Rushton. This band is again, not a very well known band, therefore not much is known about them. They came onto the thriving jazz scene in London, and wowed their audience with their mixture of Jazz and Afrobeat and Bebop styles. This is definitely a band that you have to actively listen to, and appreciate the music.

Songs You Should Listen To, To Get A Feel For Ruby Rushton-.Moonlight Woman

We live in a time where we have millions of songs at our fingertips, and can be a bit overwhelming, so we have given this small list so we can help you develop your taste in music and give you less time looking and more time listening to the thing we love most. Music. And hopefully this music will help sculpt and be part of your memories of this summer.

Written By Stanley Sperring

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