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MOVES 2022 Review

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

MOVES 2022 took place a couple of weeks ago at The Old Market in Brighton, it was the Third edition of QM Records’ mini festival. Thanks to everyone who came, artists who performed, teams of artists and partners who helped make the show happen. It was a fantastic show with so many highlights.

Brighton radio station Platform B broadcasted the magnificent performances on 105.5FM, DAB and online. Elagrimhouse and Ramnik Tatla from the station hosting the event leading the audience through the sets.

The event started with Brighton / London jazzers Beyond the Blue who absolutely brought an eloquence beyond their years to the show.

Running through their set with aplomb, the audience absorbed their instrumental laiden performance and the keys player wowed the crowd with his unique swagger and dance moves.

Madaliso came through next with his Roman / African energy mixing a set of dulcet tone raps in Italian mixed with English and cold beats of which the audience ate up gleefully like a bowl of jollof rice. Madaliso live has the swagger and presence, his beats speak for themselves and his performance was further enhanced because he brought out the MPC recreating the energy he has when he's crafting his sample heavy productions. He brought out 2 special guests for his performance which brought a great energy to the show performing a special version of Moon Signs with Mkudo and also bringing out singer Bessi for a song.

AFLO. The Poet was next up. Her performance included a special takeover with a collection of local poets. She stepped out first to run through some fiery poems before introducing an array of poets one by one to wow the crowd showing off the best of Brighton spoken word excellence. Spliff Richard, a poet of note for many years, made a guest appearance displaying his wily oratory and sharp delivery to fire up the audience. Erin James and Priss Nash also performed, bringing panache and flair to the affair.

Illajoy started their set with a funky number with their lead singer Fin also keys player sat down on his keys while the other guys in the band stood up. By this point the energy of MOVES 2022 was in full swing and this set was a true vibe. Imploring the crowd to come forward they serenaded the audience with their floral funk, soul, jazz numbers with Fin crooning like a new school Sinatra. Can’t Wait To Fall In Love Again their latest single went down a treat, a real band for the future with of personality.

Next up Normanton Street with their normal pomp ran through some of their older songs such as Take A Walk With me and also played some new songs too to the crowd's pleasure. Singer Phoebe Freya was on top form effortlessly gliding across the beats laid down by the lads in the group. Nicholson spat some poignant bars whilst Ned aka Feleke danced around sometimes rhyming and sometimes chilling with Ollie Foreman aka Guami holding things down on the drums. It was a classy display by the band.

Vibes switched to super cool ‘South London answer to Erykah Badu’ Bina who wowed the audience with her cool vibes. Gliding through some of her set with an eloquent queenly poise with her DJ T, and her in sync as the audience remained captivated all the way through cheering to show support at every pause in the set. She acknowledges them ‘so many of you wow’ then performed banger ‘Just a Sec’. Then straight after performed her latest single ‘Do Not Disturb’ a very jiggy shuffle.

Kymara, fresh from dropping her debut EP ‘New Road’ and from a recent successful expedition to the Netherlands, came through like a woman on a mission opening the set with ‘Trippin’. Donning a pink outfit with her band in all black came to make a statement and that they did cementing their reputation as Brighton's most exciting and industrious group about to climb to dizzy heights. Songs such as ‘You’ went off like the modern classic it is with new songs such as ‘New Road’ already baked into the consciousness of the audience. One of the MOVES 2022 moments was made with Kymara bringing out of MC / Producer Bobbie Johnson for a special performance of ‘Home’ an absolute smash which gets better every time one hears it.

Headliners Blue Lab Beats didn’t disappoint on their first appearance in Brighton for 5 years, playing a set that will be remembered by everyone in attendance. A special group that has been on a whirlwind since the last time they made an appearance in the City - winning a Grammy award along the way for production work for African music legend Angélique Kidjo. Opening the set NKOK from the group asked the audience to not be afraid to dance, of which they obliged. The group came with special musicians from London joining the band on stage. Saxophonist Ben Vize displayed a mastery of the instrument, whilst singer Tyler Lewis wowed the crowd too, stepping out showing off her classy Rnb vocals to the audience's pleasure. Another special guest distinguished trumpeter Poppy Daniels came through to perform adding another treat for the audience. David Mrakpor from Blue Lab Beats ever majestic switching effortlessly from otherworldly keys mastery to guitar, always brings amazing vibes.

The band played some songs from their latest work Motherland Journeys, lead song Motherland Journey sounded brilliant in the magnificent acoustics of the grand Old Market setting.

In conclusion MOVES 2022 was an evening to remember. Bring on 2023 more vibes

All images in this piece by MJB

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