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#saveourvenues campaign to help grassroots music survive

By Louisa Streeting

Music Venue Trust has launched a nationwide campaign this week to save 556 grassroots music venues from permanent closure. In Brighton & Hove alone, 107 venues face imminent risk of closing their doors for good due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Lockdown laws in the UK forced the live music scene to come to a grinding halt in March to protect public health. MVT’s #saveourvenues fund has surpassed its £1 million target and is now aiming for a further £500,000 to ensure these spaces can reopen again when it is safe to do so. With government funding exhausted, the fate of arts venues in Brighton and around the UK is in the hands of local communities, artists and fans to unite over this fundamental cause.

“Every week we stay closed the risk increases. We are currently looking at needing to raise a lot of money to secure everyone,” says Toni Coe, programme manager of the Green Door Store and co-ordinator of the #saveourvenues campaign. “I believe our communities and the goodwill of those that use these spaces will save a lot of venues from permanent closure. If you love and need live music in your life, then get involved!”

Other venues in need of your help…

“A collective voice is stronger. If the team can’t go to work there will be no rock shows and no beers. That would be a real shame.” – Sally Oakenfold, The Hope and Ruin.