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Sasha Rylei melts away the winter blues with her debut single "Winter To Spring"

I'm sure at some point we have all felt the effect that winter can have on your mood. The January blues, the longing to be back on the beach with a few drinks and a barbecue. Sasha Rylei's debut single "Winter To Spring" looks into these feelings, using her influences in Neo-Soul and R&B to convey how the coming of spring can make everything feel alright, taking away the bad moods that can come with the coldest of seasons.

The song also delves a little deeper into this topic, with the idea of spring being to look at what's happening with a more positive outlook and pushing past the insecurities and hardships of this metaphorical Winter.

With the help of Sasha's stunning voice and her amazing musicians, the song is like a smooth sailing boat in a rough pandemic ocean, gently dragging you to chill shore of positivity. A calming arrangement matches the positive thinking lyrics to complete the immensely chill and relaxing vibes.


Taking inspiration from such artists as Moonchild and Pip Millett, Sasha began by writing chords and melodies to create the framework of what would go on to be her first single. She then continued the writing process with songwriter and producer Steven Bamidele, writing and recording between the Covid lockdowns at Steven's own home recording studio. Sasha stated that over those next few months they kept on building upon her initial ideas, whilst also using the help of Andrew Adams to write the song, who featured as the bassist for the single, laying down some smooth bass lines to make you wiggle your head.

With no plans to slow down, Sasha has told me that she plans to evolve her sound, looking to her other influences like Angie Stone, Erykah Badu and D'Angelo to show she can tackle other genres. Stating that she has the ideas all set to go for her next single, planning to continue working with Steven Bamidele to produce more amazing sounding songs, hopefully in the near future. Obviously they have to work around the difficulties that recording in a lockdown environment poses, recording separately but still working together, just at a safe distance and perhaps with the help of everyones favourite frenemy, Zoom.

Make sure to follow Sasha to see what's next! And check out "Winter To Spring" on Spotify

Song Written by: Sasha Leigh Legg, Steven Bamidele and Andrew Adams

Production: Steven Bamidele

Mix: Scoop Monty

Master: Paul Winstanley

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