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RY-GUY releases the third installment of his recent live session trilogy, “No Longer Speak In Words”

South London psychedelic newcomer RY-GUY has been developing his psyche-rock sound through recent live performances and a number of music releases on SoundCloud earlier this year. RY-GUY now invites us to enjoy the third installment of his recent live session trilogy, in which he and fellow band members reconstruct his psychedelic sound with electronic hardware delivering a fresh take of his music. The first and second installment of this trilogy found the artist providing re-imagined acoustic and electronic arrangements of his original songs, "Realistic Man" and "Key Holder". RY-GUY has now completed the project with "No Longer Speak In Words" establishing his musical presence amongst the online community.

The project was conducted in a DIY fashion with RY-GUY’s home transformed into an ‘Afrocentric temple of scents, sounds and synthesizers’ for this intimate session. “No Longer Speak In Words” draws on the artist’s memories of failed road trips, boat rides, cult British film ‘Sliding Doors’ and is delivered in a spacey haze of Psychedelic Indie Electro-pop. The song is laid back in tempo yet uplifting in its sonic presence with RY-GUY showing off his keen songwriting and vocal ability. With the aid of his close-knit crew of musicians, the track really comes together implementing a truly full and rich sound for this personal project.

This live session trilogy shines new light and personal insight into RY-GUY’s musical approach and influences. With the artist early in his solo career, the release of this project signifies him approaching a new chapter with many more promising developments ahead.

Check out the live session of “No Longer Speak In Words” below:

By Ryan Cahalin

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