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Rosin Reflects on Unhealthy Relationships in “Tired of Dancing”

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Hailing from Berlin, Brighton-based singer-songwriter Rosin unveils her latest single “Tired of Dancing” from her upcoming debut EP “Now I’m A Woman”. Using her proficiency in styles of Indie folk/pop, Rosin explores a previous relationship, taking the listener on a sonic journey through her memories and the aspects of a relationship that upon reflection, was unhealthy at its core.

“I wrote this song last summer together with my best friend. Being in lockdown and feeling really lonely sometimes made me romanticize my past relationship, which had unhealthy tendencies in reality. In Tired of Dancing, I try to remind myself of all the things that made me want to leave it in the first place.”

With her music balancing between soft indie-folk and pop, Rosin uses notable influences like Phoebe Bridgers and Holly Humberstone to craft her latest release. 'Tired of Dancing' takes a different approach to some of Rosin's previous works, moving away from the electronic attributes and loops featured in her first single "Sad Sometimes", in favour of a stripped back and raw sound minimal instrumentation, allowing for her vocals to shine in this latest track. With gentle, comforting piano playing, and accompanying strings that soothe the listener as the song progresses, Rosin's stunning vocals and atmospheric arrangement work in tandem to create a feeling of longing and reflection, perfectly encapsulating the messages of this song.

'Tired of Dancing' releases on May 21st as part of Rosin's upcoming debut EP 'Now I'm A Woman', which will see her reflect on feeling over a past relationship, loneliness, and the hardships of not being able to open up to someone new. The EP is expected to be released on June 18, 2021, keep the day open on your calendars!

You can find Rosin on Instagram and Facebook

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