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QM Spotlight: Taff and Mrisi

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

It's another instalment of the QM Spotlight, and this week we are shining a light onto two Brighton MCs...

TAFF - No Smoke

Look out for the latest release from Taff, a 19 year-old MC from Brighton.

No Smoke opens with a light piano melody and the clap of a electronic snare beat, Taff mumbles down the mic before a meaty bass line kicks in. Then at full volume, Taff repeats, “You don’t want no smoke.” An influence of American trap and hip-hop shines through the track with a nod to the likes of Gucci Mane. It's a track that shows a lot of promise for the young artist.

Another trap record that Taff has released is Taking A Hit. It’s a trippy track that Taff narrates over, reminiscing on times he has smoked a spliff with a girl. It’s an engaging song and, alongside his new single No Smoke, shows that Taff has some serious promise in the UK hip-hop scene.

Zone Out dropping September 18th


- Zone Out

After releasing his EP Mamela last year, QM Records’ own Mrisi returns with an upcoming release of Zone Out. The Brighton rapper rhymes, ‘“Do you, boo boo.” ‘Cause I’m out here with the music crew.’ Suggesting to us that he’s out here to solely focus on future music projects.

The song features a rolling lo-fi beat and dreamy saxophone interludes, demonstrating a clear stylistic development from Mamela, which was acoustic focussed. It’s a sleepy track, reminiscent of late summer evenings. Hold tight for the release and the following music video, which takes place in a dusty and bustling North African town.

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