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QM Spotlight: Taff and Mrisi

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

It's another instalment of the QM Spotlight, and this week we are shining a light onto two Brighton MCs...

TAFF - No Smoke

Look out for the latest release from Taff, a 19 year-old MC from Brighton.

No Smoke opens with a light piano melody and the clap of a electronic snare beat, Taff mumbles down the mic before a meaty bass line kicks in. Then at full volume, Taff repeats, “You don’t want no smoke.” An influence of American trap and hip-hop shines through the track with a nod to the likes of Gucci Mane. It's a track that shows a lot of promise for the young artist.

Another trap record that Taff has released is Taking A Hit. It’s a trippy track that Taff narrates over, reminiscing on times he has smoked a spliff with a girl. It’s an engaging song and, alongside his new single No Smoke, shows that Taff has some serious promise in the UK hip-hop scene.