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QM Spotlight: Francesca Fulmini

Get to know the latest artist under the QM spotlight...

Twenty-three year old BIMM student, Francesca Fulmini is a QM artist to watch out for at the moment. Her performances have varied between lo-fi R&B and upbeat funk, yet her rich mid-range tone remains as the main attraction. She has performed across multiple venues, including Seven Stars and Patterns, supporting the likes of Brighton originals, Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn. As well as playing at QM’s ‘Alternative Escape’ back in May.

Francesca has been songwriting since she was ten years-old and, despite her Belgian background and upbringing, has always written in English. She came to Brighton to study at BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music) university and felt that, although the difference in cultures was a shock to the system, the work ethic she has learned from the English has been vital in her progression as a musician.

Although Francesca is recognised as a solo artist, she does have a four-man band, who accompany her at live shows in and around Brighton. When discussing how the relationship between the band members has developed over the years of living here, she revealed that a few members have changed over the years but that it is, “Important to be flexible as an artist. It’s definitely really rare to find the people with whom it really clicks and who believe in the music.”

Like many, music is a form of therapy for Francesca and she treats songwriting like someone would treat journaling in their diary. For her, songwriting is a form of expression that goes beyond a conversation, and it is a tool to communicate her emotions.

When I asked about the plans she had in place for her music, Francesca admitted that living out the reality of what you originally plan can be entirely different to the intended outcome. But it does appear that she is in the works of something new, so keep your ears to the ground because this singer is about to have her moment.

by April Izzard

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