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Peggy Chats With: The Vouchers

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Your weekly go-to new music guide brought to you by our London music journo Peggy, as she uncovers the latest ‘bands and artists to watch’ in the post-punk, new wave, jazz and indie communities. This week she discusses British rolling stock, DIY film-making and debut EP release celebrations with London hailing, post-punk three-piece, The Vouchers. 


ML: Mark Langston (vocals / guitar)  TM: Tom Meneight (bass) MC: Matt Clifton (drums)

Hailing from South East London but with roots planted in Northumberland, Yorkshire and Bristol, which music scene(s) feels most like home? 

TM: I played open mics and all that kind of irrelevant stuff in Hull, but mostly got involved in and enjoyed the music scene in Sheffield, before coming dawwwwen sarrrrrf. There was a wave of stuff going on in the late ‘00s that kind of evolved into the delicious clam label which was quite cool. Know a few peeps from up there still battling it out with some great releases, trying to carve out some relevancy for Sheffield after the arse fell out of the UK independent music industry in general.

ML: The music scene in Northumberland is mainly Small Pipes related (shout out to the Morpeth Bagpipe Museum, only one in England). You can’t go wrong with a rant and a blast of ‘Currie Doon’. The local traditions around storytelling and poetry have definitely made their mark on my writing and the gallows humour. Newcastle always had stuff going on around venues like The Cluny and The Cumberland Arms when I was a young’n. I used to try and chat to the bands afterwards, probably ruined a few of them desperately trying to pull a local lass when I rocked up in a Reebok fleece and Geordie Jeans wanting to chat about chord progressions.

MC: I feel like the closest I have come to feeling at home in a music scene is with The Vouchers (in London), but if the London music scene is a house, we are the Avon ladies.