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Peggy Chats With: MarthaGunn

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Your weekly go-to new music guide brought to you by our London music journo Peggy, as she uncovers the latest ‘bands and artists to watch’ in the post-punk, new wave, jazz and indie communities. This week she discusses relationships of the 20 something years, running a marathon and the 'Caught Up & Confused' EP release with Brighton hailing indie rock five-piece, MarthaGunn.  


Crossing the borders between indie, pop and alt-rock, how did the five of you come to start playing together and, in turn, honing your style? 

We had all moved to Brighton and wanted to start a band, we met at the rehearsal studio Brighton Electric, it felt so good playing together. We met as musicians but we stay together through our friendship, that is what binds us. We've all grown so much musically since we met and our style comes directly from that, the 5 of our personalities go into the music. 

We thoroughly enjoyed your powerhouse cover of Lizzo’s ‘Cuz I Love You’. Which other artists have shaped your sound over the years? 

Thanks! That was a lot of fun. Some important ones have been Prince, Tame Impala, Fleetwood Mac.

We can’t wait to sink our ears into your sophomore EP ‘Caught Up & Confused’. What themes and emotions can we expect to explore on each track? 

We are buzzing to release it! The lyrics centre around relationship experiences in your 20