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Normanton Street on Tour

Updated: Oct 9, 2017

by Meghan Cheesman

It’s amazing what can happen in a year. At first it’s one venue, then the next and suddenly you have all kinds of amazing venues engaged in setting up gigs. That’s exactly what QM Records have done. With one of their regular nights at Seven Stars being a hit amongst the crowds, these guys have really added something special to the vibrant music scene in Brighton and that being said, it really isn’t an easy task.

Brighton is known for its great musicians and being the place to go to if you want to discover new and upcoming artists. With BIMM having expanded rapidly, the talent out there is growing every second, which makes it even more competitive.

And yet Ned and Nich have somehow managed to find a gap. Starting off as musicians from Bradford, the two looked for other talent. After meeting Phoebe and discovering her amazing voice, the band Normanton Street was formed.

The trio quickly realised if they were going to be successful, they would need to make their music stand out and that is exactly what they have done. By creating music that has a nice feel to it live as well as having that really important soulful vibe, the three added a twist. Going deeper into Hip Hop and Soul, being influenced by artists such as Lauren Hill and MF DOOM and adding spoken word, meant the band was able to create a sound, which is truly and without a doubt Normanton Street.

Now based in Brighton, the trio started off playing at local small pubs to playing at bigger venues and touring throughout the UK and Europe.

If that wasn’t enough, the two guys started their own business QM Records and are now successfully running gig nights throughout Brighton. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you are focused and most of all passionate about what you do. And let me tell you this, these guys are. I have never met two nicer and more genuine guys than these two. Always willing to help out, it’s no wonder Ned and Nick are two very well known faces in Brighton.

So I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to see Normanton Street live. The band has four amazing shows planned. The tour started in Cardiff, today the three are performing at the local club ‘The Haunt’ (07/10/17), then going on to Manchester next Saturday (14/07/17) at Indigo and finally ending their tour with a bang in London at Thousand Island Friday 20th October. As Ned would put it: Yeeeeeeez. It’s gonna be some sick vibes. Peace!

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