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Mrisi releases new Track “West Baby” blending his South African roots with British Culture

By Ryan Cahalin

Mrisi is a multifaceted musician combining a range of sounds from traditional South African music, Jazz and Hip hop to craft his own unique artistry. Over the years, Mrisi has shared the stage with the likes of Omar, Prince Fatty, Rizzle Kicks and worked alongside the likes of Rag 'n' Bone Man. With Mrisi’s 2018 debut E.P Mamela receiving critical acclaim, Mrisi has now released “West Baby”, his first track of 2020 displaying his versatility and poetic flair.

Mrisi’s vocal style is profound, delivering his spoken word lyricism in a meditative manner. There is a very chill yet self-reflective vibe to this track as Mrisi contemplates his heritage and speaks on colonialism to a mellow, laid back Hip-hop style groove.

Your music includes a range of sounds from South African music, Jazz, Soul and grassroots Hip-Hop. How would you describe your musical style?

“I would describe it as being a mix of music from Africa and the African Diaspora. I try to make my music as varied as possible while still having my sound but I like to think I make people feel and think with my music.”

What have been your main musical influences for your new music?