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Liverpool Lads Back In Brighton

2nd October at the GREEN DOOR STORE

by Meghan Cheesman

The 2nd October is just around the corner, so I think it’s time to introduce you guys a bit more to the bands playing that night.

RED RUM CLUB is an Alternative Rock band from Liverpool. With Francis on lead vocals, Michael and Tom on guitar and backing vocals, Simon on bass, Neil on the drums and Joe “The Blow” on the trumpet, the six Scousers have managed to create catchy and poetic tunes. It all started in 2012 when Mike invited the guys round to his.

“We all played in various different bands in Liverpool so we were all aware of each other. When Mike invited us round to his, we were a bit suspicious of why. But we were relieved to find out he just wanted to jam. Quickly realising we had loads in common and musically jellying perfectly, we started writing our own stuff. Shortly after we started gigging locally. With the gigs getting bigger and interest growing, it wasn’t news to us, we had to leave our beloved Liverpool and hit other towns.” (RED RUM CLUB)

Since then the band has been in various cities all over the UK and it was only a matter of time before they would play their first gig in Brighton. With Seven Stars being a perfect venue for new and upcoming artists, QM Records put RED RUM CLUB on.

Before that night, I had never heard of them, but ever since I can’t stop listening to their singles on Spotify. All dressed in black and rocking the late 50’s Grease inspired rock look, the guys made quite an appearance.

Being influenced by great bands such as The Beatles, The Killers and Arctic Monkeys, RED RUM CLUB have found a missing spot in the music scene and are now the ones to watch.

With their new single ‘Friend Of A Friend’ being released this Friday (29th September), the 2nd October is the perfect opportunity to see these guys live.

They will be touring the UK all throughout October and ending it with a big hometown show at the 02 Academy Liverpool.

After that they will focus on their next release for January and a tour starting in February is already in the making.

FULL FAT LIGHT BULB is a Funk/Rock band, which has burst into the Brighton music scene with a big sound and fresh vibes taking intense riffs and intertwining them with soulful and luscious harmonies.

Their sound isn’t just unique and quite simply amazing, but they also know how to get the crowds going. Having seen them twice, I can safely say their gigs aren’t something you will want to miss.

Recently the guys have rebranded and revamped their sound. Being students at a music university in Brighton means changes are bound to happen.

“We are now a band of five. We have a new guitarist and bassist, who are such awesome musicians and give our sound a different edge that has so much more feeling to it. It’s always hard to move on and accept change but this has definitely been for the better.” (FULL FAT LIGHT BULB)

Their inspiration comes from various artists such as Paolo Nutini, James Brown, Rage Against The Machine and many more. These influences have helped them generate a unique sound combining Funk and Rock music together.

With their debut single ‘Mystery’ being released on 17th October, the five can’t wait to perform and write their next set of songs with the new members. Exciting times lie ahead for this lot and without a doubt I cannot wait to see them live on 2nd October.

Self billed ‘Slack Pop’ quartet RALPHSWRLD formed in late 2016 in Colchester, Essex before relocating to Brighton to study at BIMM. They blend dreamy soundscapes, tight melodic grooves and introspective interchanging vocals, resulting in a concise collection of stoned pop songs that aim to soothe you in these unsteady times.

Having released their debut single in June, via French label ‘Nice Guys’, they’ve received radio play in the USA, Japan and Europe as well as BBC Introducing.

Inspired by music ranging from R’n’B to Bossanova and Shoegaze, RALPHSWRLD are here to try and take the edge off your day.

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