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Kymara showcases her raw talent in new soul-soothing single ‘Unconscious Happiness’

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Ryan Cahalin

Dutch soul artist Kymara has now released her second single ‘Unconscious Happiness’ along with a moving music video displaying her emotive vocal ability and artistic versatility. Speaking on the new release, Kymara states: “‘Unconscious Happiness’ is about the freedom and happiness that I felt as a child, but wasn’t aware of at the time. When you’re at an age just living from moment to moment and you don’t hide your emotions.” The new single is truly sublime and self-reflective showcasing Kymara’s emotional-maturity and classic soul-inspired sound.

The opening of the track is smooth to say the least, featuring downtempo drums, bluesy guitar, and of course Kymara’s Simone-Esque vocal style. Kymara’s lyricism is entirely honest, vividly communicating her upbringing and childhood innocence in a tranquil yet uplifting manner. The passion within Kymara’s voice and the track’s instrumental sounds effortless sparking the listener to reflect on their childhood nostalgia.

As for the music video, it is a touching collage of old videotape footage featuring young Kymara and her family. It is also a beautiful tribute to her late father who Kymara advised would film all their childhood moments.

‘Unconscious Happiness’ is a fantastic example of Kymara’s impassioned storytelling and finessed musicality. With her debut single ‘You’ finding itself on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds: The Wave’ editorial playlist, Kymara is on the path to soul success. ‘Unconscious Happiness’ is a fabulous follow-up channelling her perspective of her young free self through a powerful and uplifting record.

Check out ‘Unconscious Happiness’ below:

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