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Kymara and I joined virtually to chat about her journey to becoming a musician, being creative during a global pandemic and her latest single Home. After some initial technical difficulties, Whatsapp saved the day and I got to know a little better the person behind the beautiful single Home.

Growing up in the Netherlands Kymara was often surrounded by music however she shared she never really paid much attention to it. The 26 year old reflected that she grew up going to gigs and festivals with her mum but never really viewed herself as a musician. It wasn’t until traveling at 19 and still searching for a vocation that Kymara came to recognise her love and passion for singing.

Despite rejections from Amsterdam Conservatorium's Kymara persevered with her singing, Sharing that through these rejections she was constantly learning and growing. This joined with studying a diploma carved her into the artist she is today.

What I found particularly inspiring when chatting to Kymara was her determination and respect for learning and gaining wider knowledge in her field. Although the rejections were hard, Kymara said she recognised that she knew she needed to find her place still in music and learn more.