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Erin Jame's Tough Cookie Magazine

Erin James launches new mixed-media magazine, Tough Cookie giving a platform to those often marginalised and unheard to share their stories, art and struggles.

Launching during a time of disarray and uncertainty, Tough Cookie aims to tackle stigmas publicizing issues commonly unheeded providing a safe space for progressive thoughts and ideas. The magazine consists of various themes and subjects covering mental health, gender equality, climate change, xenophobia and much more. Founder and Editor Erin James is opening a judgement-free conversation to insight and uplift with this beautifully laid out and forward-thinking magazine.

The first issue of Tough Cookie is an extremely relatable one especially given the times we currently live in. This issue covers life in isolation as well as inspirational perspectives on dealing with mental health issues which feels healthy and refreshing to read. The magazine couples these hard-hitting subjects with a lot of colour, attractive illustration, poetry, and photography crafting a truly unique reading experience. The charming and well-thought layout aids the normalisation of the discussed topics, allowing the reader to feel safe and enjoy wholesome escapism.

Speaking on Tough Cookie, Erin James states the magazine is for “anyone who’s ever struggled” and that you may “see yourself reflected within one of the pages, or find new ideas that challenge and inspire you”. The publication does a stunning job of addressing issues that we all face in everyday life in an insightful manner whilst remaining fun and attractive in design.

Read the exclusive online preview below:

By Ryan Cahalin

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