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Brighton producer Changing Currents releases genre-defying first EP

Louisa Streeting

In a pre-pandemic world, Brighton’s live music scene offered multiple platforms to give musicians a chance to come into their own. In a city built upon grassroots venues and vibrant club culture, Brighton’s genre-based circles such as drum & bass, indie/rock and post-punk provide a vivacious gigging circuit. This is the sphere in which local producer Changing Currents has mastered his production work, playing sets comprising completely of his own music and refixes. In his debut EP, the Brightonian producer has finessed his craft with a six-track project featuring stunning vocal talent from around the world.

His first single ‘Fruit Juice’ released at the beginning of May places singer BINA. at the forefront of the track. Her vocals simultaneously soothe and stun, infused with elements from neo-soul and RnB, lulling the listener into tranquillity. The song steadily builds to a climactic outro where Changing Currents really shows off his imaginative style by playing around with vocal tones in the track.

Changing Currents demonstrates his diverse sound through collaborations with artists spanning three different continents. Exertion opens with ‘Slide’, an easy-going introduction featuring powerful lyrics spoken by South Africa’s Chris Snakes. Additional support comes from West London-based rapper Bawo for ‘Advantaged Love’, with an addictive rhythm that will make you want to get up and dance. The EP concludes with an old school hip-hop-inspired track featuring Australian-born New York rapper Nelson Dialect.

The new release also allows for the spotlight to fall solely on Changing Currents. ‘Mixed Signals’ and the titular track from Exertion form the central point of the EP. Both songs provide an entrancing musical interlude and a point of difference from the four other tracks. His inventive beats prove his worth as a stand-alone producer, further cementing the strength in his genre-defying sound.

Changing Currents has received airtime from Radio 1XTRA, Balamii and RINSE FM. You can also see his production skills in full force on KEYAH/BLU’s track 'til bliss' premiered with DAZED. Not only has he platformed some outstanding young talent from around the world, but he’s confidently asserted himself as one to watch over the next coming months both in Brighton and beyond.

Changing Currents’ Exertion is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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