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Big Interview #01: Peggy's World On The Rise

We interviewed East London Hype Queen Peggy on her burgeoning success.

Photo Credit: Caro Pak

Meg: You’ve been killing it for over a year straight with Peggy’s Big Sunday – how did this come about?

Peggy: Firstly, lovely question. Thank you very much. It all came about when I met Ned AKA Pelé from QM Records/Normanton Street at a Sofar Sounds event. We arranged to meet in Camden for a bit of fun. I was two hours late. He was an extra two hours late. We went to see some bands at The Lock Tavern and decided to put on a gig. The first collaboration we did was at The Old Blue Last. Such a good vibe and busy room - we then went to Hoxton Square Bar and Grill, luckily for us they loved the nights!

Meg: You’re the queen of hype – how did you develop such an amazing ability to command a crowd and get people into things?

Peggy: So kind! Well back in the day I always wanted to be an actress. I absolutely always loved being on stage. When I started Mcing again at Sofar Sounds, it felt nice to be able to be yourself but still be on stage getting that buzz. It’s really not that hard to command a crowd. You just have to be passionate about who ever and what ever your talking about. You are there to be the hype girl so make sure you bring the hype, that’s all there is to it.

Meg: When did your passion for music begin?

Peggy: Ooooh ok. That began ages ago back in High school really. I was always into a bit of indie, loved it! I always went to festivals. I tried playing instruments - I was rubbish, tried the banjo, then the violin – was a bit shit at that, too. So if you can’t do music, promote it. With moving down to London there’s an incredible scene here – all the venues, The Old Blue Last, Hoxton Square bar and Grill, The Lexington – it’s hard to count there are so many. There's such a range of music to dip in and out of , rock ‘n roll, a bit