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Big Interview #01: Peggy's World On The Rise

We interviewed East London Hype Queen Peggy on her burgeoning success.

Photo Credit: Caro Pak

Meg: You’ve been killing it for over a year straight with Peggy’s Big Sunday – how did this come about?

Peggy: Firstly, lovely question. Thank you very much. It all came about when I met Ned AKA Pelé from QM Records/Normanton Street at a Sofar Sounds event. We arranged to meet in Camden for a bit of fun. I was two hours late. He was an extra two hours late. We went to see some bands at The Lock Tavern and decided to put on a gig. The first collaboration we did was at The Old Blue Last. Such a good vibe and busy room - we then went to Hoxton Square Bar and Grill, luckily for us they loved the nights!

Meg: You’re the queen of hype – how did you develop such an amazing ability to command a crowd and get people into things?

Peggy: So kind! Well back in the day I always wanted to be an actress. I absolutely always loved being on stage. When I started Mcing again at Sofar Sounds, it felt nice to be able to be yourself but still be on stage getting that buzz. It’s really not that hard to command a crowd. You just have to be passionate about who ever and what ever your talking about. You are there to be the hype girl so make sure you bring the hype, that’s all there is to it.

Meg: When did your passion for music begin?

Peggy: Ooooh ok. That began ages ago back in High school really. I was always into a bit of indie, loved it! I always went to festivals. I tried playing instruments - I was rubbish, tried the banjo, then the violin – was a bit shit at that, too. So if you can’t do music, promote it. With moving down to London there’s an incredible scene here – all the venues, The Old Blue Last, Hoxton Square bar and Grill, The Lexington – it’s hard to count there are so many. There's such a range of music to dip in and out of , rock ‘n roll, a bit of dream pop – but the nights aren’t just for me – they’re for everyone! It’s about getting everyone involved in every single element of music.

Meg: Peggy’s World is a brand, tell me about the history and what avenues you’re looking to go into?

Peggy: Peggy’s World used to be just a series on YouTube. We used to find 6 acts per episode and make the content exciting – go rowing, play tennis with the bands etc. The YouTube channel is a branch of Peggy’s World but it’s also a name for my events and collaborations – love a good collab, can get very boring working on your tod!

Latest Episode of Peggy's World

Meg: 12 events so far with over 60 bands playing – that’s just Peggy’s Big Sunday – you’re absolutely killing it - Top 5 bands you’ve had on in no particular order?

Peggy: Love every one that’s played, everyone is an absolute legend that has played. If I have to throw out some names I’d say AKA George - such a power such a trooper. I was the MC at his show at Camden Assembly recently. Zak Abel is smashing life, well deserved such a top, talented guy! Moses great pals, they are – I think - the future of rock and roll. That’s 3.

Peggy's World meets Zak Abel

Meg: Have there been any funny stories from the nights you can tell us?

Peggy: One of the first ones at Hoxton, there was a beautiful moment where The Limited took their shirts off on stage and Louie from Half Crown put me on his shoulders – so I had a stage full of half naked men, me on the shoulders of another man, just looking out at people. One thing that was a bit awkward, I was repping Lebeaux once at Birthdays. All the other bits of presenting had gone absolutely fine. All the support acts were cool. When I got on stage I had prepared so much to say that my mind just died. I kinda said like Mutherf*#kin Lebeaux. There was silence.

Meg: What other events do you do?

Peggy: I often come down to Brighton and do some stuff with the QM Boys. Did a Peggy’s Great Escape event at Seven Stars back in May – it was lots of fun. Helped them out on MOVES Festival, too. Recently put a gig on at The Lexington. I also run a charity gig night ‘In Sound State’ with my pal Joe Perkins - he’s a legend! Check out his band – Goodbye Brighton. In Sound State is a gig we do for Mind mental health charity.

Meg: Alright, 1st year anniversary of Peggy's Big Sunday just happened , how did the night go?

Peggy: Yo, 1st year show was one of my favourites so far. We thought lets bring back our favourite best and brightest. It was absolutely rammed! Which was beautiful – every act was absolutely insane.

Everyone’s little brother Nelson Navarro opened up with a stella set – gorgeous voice.

Then Fresh Like Dexie played, it felt like a wall of extreme sound – it was like an explosion – that was incredible.

Then Temple Of Anyone, I can describe as, epic music – they brought so many people along which was great.

Then we had Baron Goodlove he’s such a bluesy rocker. Him and his band always turn up in tweed suits, they are a tight band.

Then oh my goodness – One Eyed Jacks – they were insanely funky, Scarlett and Sylvia the backing singers and Karl the lead singer started doing dance routines. Beautiful.

And finally we had my favourite north westerners, the brilliant Red Rum Club - they’re absolutely insane, sort of Rock and Roll Americana – they’ve got a trumpet - everyone was jumping around.

What was nice about the event is that people now have it in their diaries. This is The Big Sunday people know what they are going to get. We have a lot of regulars coming down now – which is really nice to see, we get some chants going – people were singing happy birthday but it wasn’t my Birthday! The room was on a sentimental high – mad mad love to all that performed and all that came down.

The next Peggy’s Big Sunday event takes place on Sunday 5th of November. The Line-up is SONS, Lebeaux, Stella Talpo, Harvey Causon feat. Cabrakid, Danny Starr, Beth George and resident DJ Dan Alani on the decks.

Free Entry from 5pm - Event

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