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Amber Burgoyne captures zeitgeist with isolation track ‘Misty Blue’

By Louisa Streeting

Jazz singer-songwriter Amber Burgoyne has released a brand new track written and recorded while in isolation. ‘Misty Blue’ is a collaborative project helping her to connect with her best friends during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The new single paints an optimistic picture of the future filled with hope and love during a difficult period of self-isolation. Sounds of lapping waves featured in ‘Misty Blue’ epitomise our yearning for those simpler summer evenings spent with friends in a world before the impact of the virus.

“That in this darkness we’ll provoke, Love” captures the zeitgeist, reminding us of the compassion ingrained in our communities throughout the pandemic. Her pensive lyrics resonate still, encouraging us to think about our friends and loved ones who we are unable to be with at this present moment. Her words paired with simple, yet hazy chords from her guitar place all the focus on her silky smooth vocals. Although the Essex-born singer is just 22-years-old, her voice is characterised with warmth and soul far beyond her years.

Recorded on her phone, Burgoyne’s DIY ethic helps evoke the swirling, dream-like scene that her lyrics depict. She enlisted the help of her friends during the process, with additional vocals from Jack Watton and mastering by DEJA VU. Additional contributions include artwork by Becca Adderson, photography by Tan Le and a music video produced by Lora Elizabeth Cornes – all during isolation.

Burgoyne, currently based in Brighton, was initially hesitant to make the release public. She has since said the song will be a cherished piece to remind her that anything is possible, even during these trying times.

‘Misty Blue’ is the third release from Burgoyne’s repertoire, following ‘My Head Will Be Back Around Noon’ and ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’. The lyrics have been included in an isolation project curated by Some Book I Read, which documents the thoughts of a diverse range of creatives quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic.

The music video for ‘Misty Blue is available to watch now.

Amber Burgoyne’s ‘Misty Blue’ is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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