We are pleased to announce this exciting opportunity in partnership with Youth Music. We are looking to take on 5 paid trainees for the next 6 months to help us navigate the new realities we face and grow together. Look forward to hearing from you.


To apply email with your CV and a 2mins intro video or audio recording of you talking about:

1. The trainee position you are applying  for 2. Why your interested in the position? 3. Your motivation to work in Music / Creative Industries.

This opportunity is open to everyone. We feel that the music industry is not fully representative of all people in society. Therefore we want to strongly encourage people from these following groups to apply:


Black and brown people 

Ethnic minorities



Disabled people


If you do not consider yourself part of any of these groups please do not be discouraged from applying. We'd like to hear from everyone. 

Deadline: 29th of January, 11pm

email: contact@qmrecords.com  

Digital Marketing & Social Media Assistant


- Working on and executing digital marketing strategies across different platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music etc

- Creating Social media plans with Artists and working towards the execution of the plans

- Posting on QM Records pages and Artist pages 

- Managing the digital marketing and social media budget 

- Creating social media ads

- Updating QM Blog 

- Updating and Promoting QM Playlists


Events & Bookings Assistant

- Planning QM Events Digitally (include talks \ networking events online) and physically from  May 2021 onwards 

- Visualizing new event Ideas

- Finding and booking venues in Brighton / London for regular shows 

- Booking shows further afield 

- Managing event budgets 

- Identifying and booking Artists for shows

- Liaising with Artists, Managers, Venues, Promoters and Booking Agents 

- Reorganizing postponed shows

- Creating marketing campaigns for events working with PR and Digital Marketing & Social Media Assistant 

PR Assistant 

- Creating PR campaigns

- Creating press releases for artist releases and events 

- Mailing out press releases 

- Researching possible press specific to artists (Radio Stations, Magazines, Online Publications, Blogs)

- Playlisting

- Liaising with press and playlisters


Content Creator 

- Create social media content 

- Design posters, artwork and social media posts

- Filming and editing promotional material 

- Assisting on live videos and music videos shoots 

- Editing live videos and music videos 

- Need to be based in Brighton area or available to travel 


Extra Details


- 18 to 25years of Age

- Previous experience not essential 

- 8 Hours a week (flexible) 

- £10 per hour 

- Passion for Music and Creative Industries  

- How to apply - CV and a 2mins intro video or audio recording of you talking about - why your interested in the program - and ambition to work in Music / Creative Industries

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