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Digital Marketing & Social Media Assistant


- Working on and executing digital marketing strategies across different platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music etc

- Creating Social media plans with Artists and working towards the execution of the plans

- Posting on QM Records pages and Artist pages 

- Managing the digital marketing and social media budget 

- Creating social media ads

- Updating QM Blog 

- Updating and Promoting QM Playlists


Events & Bookings Assistant

- Planning QM Events Digitally (include talks \ networking events online) and physically from  May 2021 onwards 

- Visualizing new event Ideas

- Finding and booking venues in Brighton / London for regular shows 

- Booking shows further afield 

- Managing event budgets 

- Identifying and booking Artists for shows

- Liaising with Artists, Managers, Venues, Promoters and Booking Agents 

- Reorganizing postponed shows

- Creating marketing campaigns for events working with PR and Digital Marketing & Social Media Assistant 

PR Assistant 

- Creating PR campaigns

- Creating press releases for artist releases and events 

- Mailing out press releases 

- Researching possible press specific to artists (Radio Stations, Magazines, Online Publications, Blogs)

- Playlisting

- Liaising with press and playlisters


Content Creator 

- Create social media content 

- Design posters, artwork and social media posts

- Filming and editing promotional material 

- Assisting on live videos and music videos shoots 

- Editing live videos and music videos 

- Need to be based in Brighton area or available to travel 


Extra Details


- 18 to 25years of Age

- Previous experience not essential 

- 8 Hours a week (flexible) 

- £10 per hour 

- Passion for Music and Creative Industries  

- How to apply - CV and a 2mins intro video or audio recording of you talking about - why your interested in the program - and ambition to work in Music / Creative Industries

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