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When Life gives you lemons, ask for LIME

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Chloe, Lead singer of your New favourite Indie-pop four piece, LIME. The Brighton based band is comprised of Chloe (Vocals/Guitar) Annabel (Drums) Leila (Lead Guitar) and Tippi (Bass). With the unique discoesque pop sound of their first two singles ‘Surf N Turf ’ and ‘Fever’ LIME has made quite a name for themselves within the city.

We discussed how the band came to be, their influences, the many opportunities they have created in their time as a band, and how the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have affected them. A.K.A ruining a European tour.

From our interview I found out that LIME was originally formed in Guildford, where three members of the band were studying at the same music college. However they properly got the ball rolling on their career as a band once they had moved to Brighton, meeting their final member in the process, their bassist Tippi. Taking inspiration from each of the band members’ different musical backgrounds, with half of the band favouring heavier styles like metal and hard rock, and the other half preferring more pop centric artists. The band pushed them all together to make something new, and to foster a naturally changing and evolving sound, with Front Person Chloe stating “so we kinda like joined forces and thats how we got the sound, by getting all of our influences and putting them together… because we have so many different influences. I think thats part of the fun of it, we can do what we want really!”

One particular artist that they have stated as being an influence is Courtney Barnett. Specifically when writing lyrics, as the band has an admiration for how she takes everyday and mundane themes and makes them cool and interesting. You can see this kind if style throughout LIME’s work, but a standout example comes from their debut single “Surf N Turf’ with the brilliant opening line ‘I’m sorry, I ate some cheese”.