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QM Spotlight: Bobbie Johnson

By James Yexley

This week, the blog sheds a light on Bobbie Johnson. The QM Records star with a cult following.

After a two year hiatus from making her own music, Bobbie recently returned with the release of Another Man. It's a twinkling, upbeat summer tune that lifts Bobbie's reflections on the tumultuousness of relationships (or relationship, singular). With an upcoming EP arriving for listeners’ ears soon, plus a recent signing to an international music booking agency LittleBig, we catch up with Bobbie to find out where she’s been and what’s new…

April Izzard: It’s been a while since your last release, You & I, almost two whole years. What have you been up to up until now?

Bobbie Johnson: Yeah, it’s been a minute. I’ve just been gigging, having fun, working (not so fun), joined the gym, left the gym, went to the pub, and everything in between. But mainly, I’ve just been trying to be as creative as possible to create and sculpt a new sound for myself.

A: Was the break between your music projects intentional, or did it just not feel like the right time to put anything out?

B: To be honest, nothing I was making felt right for a while. It took me a while to identify what direction I was going in.

A: Another Man is a beautiful song and the production is so tight. Who worked on it with you? And, what was it like working with them?

B: Ah, safe! Another Man was my first step in the new direction. I actually [produced] the whole thing myself. Including the mixing and mastering. I kinda like this song because it portrays quite a dark situation in a happy and summery feel. Almost making light of the situation, which is what i needed probably. Can’t be depressing and serious all the time now…

A: What can we expect from 2018 Bobbie with any upcoming music?

B: Firstly, content. I want to give people as much as I can. Secondly, gigs! I aim to play many more shows and I’m working hard to make this happen.

A: The UK is really bubbling at the moment with exciting talent. Like, slowthai and Children of Zeus. What are your thoughts on UK hip-hop right now?

B: Yeah, I think it’s a really exciting time for UK music in general. And UK hip-hop seems to finally have got out of its weird rut it was stuck in for a while.

Bobbie Johnson performs at Green Door Store next Saturday 22nd of September to celebrate the launch of latest EP - buy a ticket here

Check out Another Man below...

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