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Areviejé unveils her uplifting debut single “Journey” kicking off the artist’s solo career

Image by Erin James

Currently residing in Brighton, the Iranian born artist has been performing and working with talented local artists such as Kymara, Brighton band ‘Zoltan Spoke’ and leading Dub/Reggae band ‘Ruddock’s Om’. With years of diverse musical experience on her side, Areviejé has now released her debut track “Journey” reflecting on overcoming personal pain to create her positive self-narrative.

Areviejé’s vocal style is full of expression and reflects her Persian, Jamaican and British heritage to experiment with a wide range of musical genres. The track almost seamlessly takes you through the artist’s influences of RnB/Soul, Jazz, and World Music whilst simultaneously exploring the vocalist’s story through self-contemplation.

“Journey” immediately brings you into a delicately percussive, laid back groove closely followed by Areviejé’s stunningly emotive vocal harmonies. The track has a very soothing and calm feel to it throughout though remaining motivational in its message. In the chorus, Areviejé states “There’s no freedom without a fight” referring back to her heritage and conveying the message that freedom is possible with action. Areviejé’s vocals are intricate yet powerful, gradually growing her soft spoken voice to that of a sweet-sounding ballad.

With “Journey”, Arviejé has channeled a positive perspective on personal experience, using her compelling vocal style combined with a tranquil instrumental to create a truly pleasant record.

Check out Journey below

By Ryan Cahalin

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